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It's hardly a port-city theatre without a NEW WAVE!

What is FTC's NEW WAVE?


Well, it may seem fairly obvious to a lot of you, but without fresh blood, new ideas, youthful energy and a good bit of rebellious spirit, there's not much fun in theatre!... or indeed anything! But more than this, if we plant the idea, there's no new growth, and no fruit to harvest at the end of season. And we prefer a fruitful theatre. Which means, lots of working artists - writers, designers, directors and more.

FTC is about identifying the needs of the next generation of artists in Fremantle & WA, and making available opportunities to support and celebrate them.

A supporting the emerging wave is about more than 'youth', it's about all of the people making a new start in the arts and looking to expand their creative capacity, which is why the programs we will present and the classes we will offer, will seek to provide new opportunity for all of you: the young, the mid-career pivots, the late-bloomers and the wild-makers that are in bands, dance troupe, film companies and still want some theatre in your life!

FTC deeply belie
ves that if we don't as a community start putting ambitious Western Australian projects and our own artists first, then we can't hope for a thriving art world here, a decade from now. It's time to invest, engage and inspire.



Where are NEW WAVE classes held?


Right here in the theatre at Victoria Hall. And what better place to learn, than on a stage where you might one day expect to find yourself performing?


FTC will be supporting great educators in kicking-off new training right here in the wonderfully accessible center of Fremantle. Keep an eye on our socials for news of new classes and their start-times, and let people know, the door is open.


How do you get involved?

Just click on the link below to sign-up to the classes currently on offer, and 'SUBSCRIBE' on the button at the top of the page to find out more and learn when new shows are announced.

For those interested in taking an Adult Acting Class..

Just click on the link below to register your interest in signing-up to the new class and we will be in touch with more details. And while you're at it, go ahead and hit 'SUBSCRIBE' on the button at the top of the page to find out more about the shows coming up and the opportunities ahead with FTC.

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