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No great story is born or let loose in a vacuum . The very best of them resonate.

They are shared, person to person, clan to clan, generation to generation.

And yet, 'the writer' often wages war in solitude - locked away on their own, dreaming and sweating and dreading and hoping. Until we lucky folk are rewarded with the fruit of their labour.

' Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.'  -  Albert Einstein.

We want to change things up a bit, and invite you to join the process a little earlier than usual, during drafting and conception stages, for first draft readings and polished unveilings.

And we can buy a cuppa for these heroes of the dark, LED-screen-lit places!

Well Red

An entirely new vintage of very tasty new writing!

Reviving a long adored Fremantle tradition, Victoria Hall will open it's doors once more to let in the flood of Fremantle and WA's finest painters, sculptors and visual artists - not just the most talented, but the most generous!

Raising funds to support further art incubation and generations, this unique collection of art-works will go to the hammer by the close of the weekend,

and on to live their lives in homes across the state.

' Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.'  -  Albert Einstein.

Every purchase you make ensures we keep the lights on, and share that illumination with the diverse voices of our city with each other and the world.

Please, come shopping.

A Canvas is
a Canvas is  a

W.A.'s Finest Artists

All On Show @ Victoria Hall