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About Us

The Fremantle Theatre Company presents a new opportunity to the local landscape; an open performance space and production company ensuring the stories of our town are told, and the important aspects of our lives comprehensively shared.

A New Beginning.


The work staged by FTC will not be limited to international works, nor committed solely to new works, premiers or classics. We are interested in the best and most moving works, that speak to an audience with the greatest heart, in the most novel ways, of the brightest ideas. There will be no limitation on where these stories come from, or who can tell them. As it is the conflict of these competing ideas that will demand the most of us as an audience to them. We hope for a broader discourse, one of nuance and courage, not just the single voice over amplified.

As such, while we will seek out captivating work from across the globe, we will strive, always, to foster our voices here at home and feed them upon this high standard, emboldening them by example, rather than drowning them out. And for stark contrast, we will bring to the stage raw expressions un-moulded by traditional schooling practices, unfiltered, and discover what brave benefit there is in the honest voice, over the contrived or over-considered - challenging our audience to take this journey along with us.

You will not see the same faces on rotation here - as Perth simply has too much talent to limit that menu.

You will not see the same political perspective pounded out month after month - as a deeper understanding demands a little bit of resistance and surprise every once in a while, and a continued challenging of our more accepted notions.


And you will not see waste here - as no place and no people on earth should know how limited resources are, than we here are privileged to appreciate, from our great vantage point, here in WA. It's upon us, from now, to work smarter and with greater efficiency.

What you will see upon the stage at FTC is great writing, issue driven work, passionate performers and a dedicated team of artists seeking new mastery of their trade, every step of the way.

Come see what we're doing, let us surprise you, and tell us what you think - because we will be listening! 

Theatre is unique. It's not one form. It is dance and music and literature and art, but it is live! And that means that we are speaking directly to you, with you, always. We must. Because we share one space. We breath one air. And we should share this experience that is ours as neighbours, immediately, with the knowledge that we are one community and, in effect yes, a village. We will be direct with you. It's actually the job. And if we fail to, that is on us. So keep us honest.

A Working Ethos

New space, old habits. 


Let's talk about the Bauhaus, for just a second, and take a walk through a 100 year old frame of mind...

Between a set of pretty rubbish wars, a bunch of guys n gals ,reacting to a swiftly industrialising world, fought to see their art-form keep up and stay relevant, while embracing the ubiquitous revolution in production.

In 2020, it's surprising to look at their perspective and wonder if a theatre needs much more to make sense of itself? Because we are very tempted to borrow a few notions that seem to apply quite well to our aims here.

Bauhaus is 10 short commitments:

1. No border between artist and craftsman. The artist should not enjoy an 'elite' status, cut off from  the rest. But rather should return to the practicality of work as a maker tradesman. Where 'quality' is debatable.

2. Artist as exalted craftsman. Proficiency in craft is essential to every artist, and only amidst the work , the tough labour, will inspiration reveal itself . We should work hard, on the basics, and only then will 'art' appear.

3. Form follows function. Simple but elegant is the catch-cry - everything should have an intended function or purpose and never be simply an indulgence of 'pretty'. There's plenty of beauty in useful thing and keen action.


4. The 'complete work of art'. Our work should be the synthesis of multiple art forms - fine and decorative arts - working as one. Not one form in isolation. All must be embrace and used to better the other.

5. True materials. Materials should reflect the true nature of objects and buildings. There's no need to hide even brutal and rough materials, or smooth the edges.

Let what's real take it's full impact, and harness it.

6. ​Minimalism. Artists should favour and embrace the linear, direct and true forms - avoiding trite embellishment - but aiming rather  to pair back to only what is necessary. Less is more, in action.

7. Emphasises on technology. A still form is a dead form. Artists should embrace new possibilities of modern technologies and look forward as often as back.
Why do you accept tradition when you can innovate?

8. Smart use of resources. Bauhaus ideology is characterised by the economic way of thinking. Controlled finance, productive time-consuming projects, precise material use, and a spare space.

9. Simplicity and Effectiveness. No need for additional ornamenting and making things more and more ‘beautiful’. They are just fine as they are.

10. Constant development. New techniques, new materials, new means of construction/production, new attitude – all the time. Invention. Inspired by the new forms and creative practices. 

It's a lot to ask. Yes. And yet, it offers an invigorating set of parameters where in to play with great abandon.

This is a means by which we hold ourselves accountable to a practice we can believe in. By holding some rules aloft, over the voice of any one person, we can enjoy a little freedom from the tyranny of a limited perspective.

Our Supporters

We are really very lucky to be supported right now by a select few generous and community minded entities who are on-board with us to see Fremantle take this next brave leap forward.







Media Partner:

And our marvellously kind Season Sponsors:

Leading the charge are our Founding Sponsors:


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Our Board

Kay Gerard            Dr Andrew Lewis       Kim Jameson 

Brian Liau              Donna Hughes           Pippa Davis


Our Team

FTC is lead by two local artist with years of experience in the field who deeply believe that Fremantle deserves a company such as ours and that with a little hard work and some vision, we can once again make the city a home for performing artist, replete with jobs, creatively expanding opportunity and hope.


Renato Fabretti                       Pippa Davis       

Artistic Director                                               General Manager      

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