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The Dog / The Cat

by Brendan Cowell & Lally Katz

April 3 - 21

Welcome to the all-new FTC INDIE program!

FTC is very excited to welcome back Michael Abercromby (Steve in Last Train To Freo) as a Director of this incredible pair of comedic plays, with JACK RABBIT PRODUCTION presenting their first show with us in Freo. 

Sharing man’s best friend with your ex-best friend is hard.

Being in the doghouse with your own cat is harder.

THE DOG / THE CAT by Brendan Cowell & Lally Katz is a purr-fect rom-com double bill about breakups, makeups and the pets caught in the middle of their human’s drama. Whether its negotiating park etiquette, or organising shared custody of a fussy feline, this WA premiere has something for both dog and cat people alike.

And the cast are a ridiculously over-talented bunch ready to knock your little socks, and toe-beans, right off!


The Dog
What better icebreaker is there than a bag of fresh dog poo? Brendan Cowell (Love My Way, Ruben Guthrie) brings his usual flair for wit and banter to this insightful look at the awkward world of friendship and romance at the dog park. Following ex best friends Ben and Marcus, and their separate trips to the park with their co-owned dog ‘Jerry Seinfeld’, this relatable rom-com playfully teases park-goers, horny canines, broken relationships and the petty troubles of aspirational 30-somethings.


The Cat
Breakups should be a heartbreaking affair… unless of course there is a brutally honest Cat present that’s wildly binge-ing Parent Trap and Nikki Minaj. Lally Katz (Neighbourhood Watch, Wentworth) gleefully, surreally and at some points musically, takes us on a voyeuristic tour of breakups, rebounds, horrible hobbies and what our pets truly think of us. The marriage collapse of Alex and Albert is complicated by the shared custody arrangement they’ve engaged for their beloved cat: ‘Cat’. Despite the claws, this joyous comedy is a charming, quirky and a hilariously fresh take on the rom-com genre.


Last performed to sell-out houses at Belvoir St Theatre in Sydney, this will be the WA Premiere of this incredibly funny comedy pairing. FTC + JackRabbit Productions are proud to be bringing this double-bill to WA for the first time. Staged in Victoria Hall in Fremantle, The Dog/The Cat is a part of the inaugural season of the FTC Independent incubator.

Jack Rabbit Productions work between Perth + Sydney, producing high-impact, high-energy shows, that test the boudnaries of our 'polite' theatre framework - in just the way that FTC enjoys. 

Praise for Jack Rabbit:

“Let’s hope...JackRabbit Theatre keep producing this special kind

of magical work” - Lisa Thatcher


“JackRabbit are definitely living up to their mission of keeping it loud,
fast and entertaining”
— The Buzz From Sydney



What is FTC INDIE?


We are thrilled to unveil FTC INDIE, a simple but vital means of repair for WA theatre - removing the many barriers of entry. This program directly addresses the savage lack of support for vital grassroots + mid-tier opportunities for performing artists in WA  -  and acknowledge the fact that it is from this tier that the entire industry grows, and upon which it is founded. It's been too long that theatre-makers have asked for new space and real opportunity, so FTC is jumping-in to offer a new solution, and just a little help.


With Victoria Hall in Freo, we are able to host a whole swag of international guest acts, indie production companies and exciting emerging producers - and any work, of any form, that goes beyond the standard night-out and promises a thrill for our audience! And  we are ready to host all of these, in a space that can support all of their creative needs, room to develop, and a straight-line connection to the FTC audience.










Why is INDIE important?


Local acts often find it hard to find funding or financial support - but what's worse, in

the few spaces available for them to put up a show, they stand no chance of seeing a

final return for their labours. And that's something we can remedy.

With the large house-numbers that Vic Hall can support, these companies will see a real

return on their work, not to mention great audiences!  And we believe they're worth that.


The FTC INDIE co-production models sees a lot of the risk and hard work lifted off

the shoulders of producers, who are left free to put their energies into creating the show.

And with the guarantee that the bulk of ticket sales goes directly to them, they can be 

assured that those energies will be honoured and rewarded.


It's a tough gig being a local artist, and we get that. So we've done our best to put equitable business practices at the forefront, and deliver a program that can properly benefit the artists themselves. FTC INDIE is for artists who know ' this is business ' and who are ready to take off the training-wheels, and start developing their audience.


The only question is:  Are you ready for your close-up?



Who is INDIE for?




Yeah, but seriously, we mean it, everyone.

There are no quiet filters here, no secret limits and no discrimination to say ' No, not you! '. This theatre is here for you, and is swinging the doors open to invite you in and invite you to work with us.


If you have a show, or a great idea, and it looks like it can find an audience, we will support you in making that a reality.

And this is not a place where you will be considered too old or too young, or your ideas too weird or too political. Honestly.


How do you get involved?


Get in touch with us!


Keep an eye out for new announcements for the FTC INDIE on our socials, and when you have a good team together, and a great show in mind, come in and speak with us. And MOST importantly, support the artists, and get on down to see the first two shows presented under the FTC INDIE banner:


OOL (Origin of Life) 

by Max Barton (UK), co-produced with Second Body Theatre 

The Dog / The Cat  

by Brendan Cowell + Lally Katz, , co-produced with JackRabbit Productions

What's up next for INDIE?


We're readying to present a BEAUTIFUL new gig-theatre show, replete with 9 instruments, big-soul, and a heart-bending journey through OOL (Origin of Life) - a guest show from the award-winning UK company, Second Body. Our first international visitors, bringing world-class work to our doorstep, with a brand new show that promises to be personal, powerful, pensive and deeply human. Known for work that shakes-off the traditions of theatre in favour of a very immediate and vibrant style, this is bound to be a memorable night out and good for the soul.


Pouncing on the stage shortly after OOL, will be JackRabbit Production's of The Dog / The Cat by theatre legends Brendan Cowell + Lally Katz. The Sydney Arts Guide says:' This is a comic play and it is excellent! ', and we won't argue. Because no other reviewers did! JackRabbit are known for great energy and explosive playfulness, and we're overjoyed to let the dogs out (and the cats!) and about in the theatre - it's bound to be something very funny, and very fun.


But 2024 doesn't stop there! We are working to bring you a Farce, a Dance and an Agit-Prop Promenade. And you never know, your show might be next on the list!

So say hello, and embrace what's next.

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