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BANKWEST Shakespeare In The Park


Join the dreamers, the lovers, and the woodland's king and the queen. Come play with their delightful sprites and journey a while through a wild night in the forest.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the most beloved of Shakespeare’s canon, is a dazzling romantic comedy, celebrating young love, revelling in courtship, and honouring the marriage of true minds. This glorious adventure is the perfect poetry with which to serenade a warm summer’s night in WA’s most beautiful landscapes and lit by a sky full of sparkling stars.

The Fremantle Theatre Company invited six cities to join in their Midsummer adventure this summer, playing to an incredibly broad crowd in some of the most spectacular settings in Western Australia - returning the Shakespeare in the Park experience to the sure hands of WA artists and delivering a truly hilarious and delightful evening for all!

It's been an absolute delight to return this favourite of the summer events calendar for WA theatre lovers! But don't just take our word for it, see what the press has to say below, and look to our instagram for words direct from our amazing audience.

SEESAW MAGAZINE's Jan Hallam writes:  
Fremantle Theatre Company casts a dreamy spell!


"Renato Fabretti, director of this Fremantle Theatre Company outdoor production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, nailed it when he described the play as an invitation to throw off, for a few short hours, the weight of our guarded and restricted lives to gambol in the bush with some of the craziest bunch of people you are ever likely to come across.

In this production, he draws out and expands Shakespeare’s evocation of wild abandonment, the shrugging off of the constraints that define order and governance."

..."The ensemble cast is superb, demonstrating complete trust in each other as one improv merges into another, creating a comedy vortex that sweeps up the audience and hurls us into a place that isn’t Kansas – or pre-pandemic Perth. It’s absolute bliss."

..."While there is faithful adherence to the text, the actors’ intuitive playing renders a naturalism that befits the cathedral of trees in which we are placed, and they are ever-alert to seize the wildness of the moment, confident that their fellow players will be at their elbow."



THE POST's Sarah McNeill writes
Midsummer madness in the park

"Fremantle Theatre Company reminds us - if we ever needed reminding - that all the talent, skill and craftsmanship that translate into perfect entertainment are all right here."

"Is it possible after so many versions of this play, still to be enchanted and delighted? Yes."

"This small cast of eight play multiple roles with energy, passion and humour... Even as they engage with the audience, ad lib and laugh, they never lose sight of Shakespeare's glorious poetry. This is a true ensemble."

FOURTH WALL MEDIA's Brandon Shier writes:  
Fremantle Theatre Company’s production of the mystical and eternally hilarious. 


"Shakespeare purists shouldn’t fret; the classic language remains intact- iambic pentameter and all- and it’s a beautiful experience to hear Oberon’s menacing monologues echoing through the twilight or our troubled lovers arguing whilst the kookaburras cackle in the trees above."

"The cast – made up of eight very talented actors – have their work cut out for them as each play multiple roles, and their hard work is greatly entertaining; they’re nearly indistinguishable with each character they inhabit. In minimalist, bright-coloured, and summer-friendly costumes, they shout, run, leap, fall, tumble, and stumble not just on the stage but around and through the audience gathered on the amphitheatre, giving us hilariously animated performances that effortlessly display just how much fun they’re all having. And you’ll be having nearly as much fun as them, sitting amongst the trees, watching this consistently entertaining and exciting interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s best plays."


A performance production company, committed to the artists, right in the heart of Freo.

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Our Space

Fremantle Theatre Company is now at home in Freo's own Victoria Hall on High Street . We can now open our doors to our new audience and begin to offer professional arts training from the city centre, for all.


Each of our courses are truly invigorated by the old bones and inviting space of this grand theatre.

The continued residency will allow the company to properly support the development of works with new voices along side the work of more established artists.

The space will make exploration into dance, theatre, music and film far more readily available to the local community and offer a truly sustainable practice for artist keen to work from their own shores, here in WA.

Boasting a newly outfitted Education Space and Rehearsal Room, our Downstairs Ready Room, the Victoria Stage and Hall, as well as company office spaces, the venue will act as an incubator to all of the works that we hope to bring to Fremantle. 

A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The BANKWEST Shakespeare In The Park