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A performance production company, committed to the artists, right in the heart of Freo.


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Presenting SPLICE at FTC.

The FTC INDIE program is delighted to present this newest iteration of Xin Hui Ong's original dance-theatre work: SPLICE!

If you are open to a new experience and meeting some of WA's most phenomenal dance artists, please come and join us to witness this creative exploration at Victoria Hall.


Ever reconnected with an old friend after a long time, realised that although you’ve both taken different life paths, your journeys resonate, sharing parallel themes and challenges despite making different choices? How do our choices create our reality? How, where and why do we converge?

In a deeply personal and contemplative evening, SPLICE explores how our lives are threads of a larger fabric of the universe, a

multiverse of infinite possibilities.


Splice is a mesmerising mix of soulful vocals, loop-recorded live music, a kinetic set design depicting hidden dimensions, and evocative contemporary dance. With elements of improvisation, the performance is different each night.


This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the special way in which Dance can also transform into discussion after this 30-minute performance, as speakers from different walks of life share authentic personal journeys.


Conversations will no doubt continue as we grab a drink at the bar and reflect on our journey together in this life. Make deeper connections, chat with someone new and meet the artists as we share what life is ‘really like’ for independent artists in WA. We would love to hear what you thought of the work, and exchange ideas on where this could go next.​

We will see you in the theatre!

WHEN: July 18-20, 2024 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

TIME: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

WHERE: Victoria Hall, 179 High St, Fremantle


Meet The Creative Team:

Director - Xin Ong

Producer - Xin Ong / Sam Hortin

Choreographer -  Xin Ong / Dancers

Performers - Estelle Brown, Izzy Leclezio, Sarah Kinch, Lillany Weber.

Musician - Abbey Felton

Lighting Design - Matthew Erren

Set Design - Nikita Bernardo / Leisl Lucerne-Knight

JULY 18 - 20

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The Dorkestra

August 28 at Morning Mels

For Morning Melodies, the Dorkestra will prepare a special concert of beautiful pieces from their repertoire which includes Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven ad Schubert, along with the early music of Vivaldi, Telemann, Correlli, Handel and Bach. 

You are sure to recognise them!

They have played in Victoria Hall before and are looking forward to returning to perform in the Morning Melodies series.  Come have a cuppa beforehand at 10am and a chat!


Also known as the Fremantle Community Orchestra, the Dorkestra is largely a string orchestra with some winds and brass.  The orchestra is a friendly group for adult new and returning musicians.  The Dorkestra has grown and developed under the guidance of conductor and educator Daemon Clark, with weekend music camps and an annual southwest tour. You can find them on


ALL TICKETS $25     

When: Wednesday August 28, 10.30am

Where: Victoria Hall, 179 High St Fremantle.

Any queries please contact

Morning Melodies will also be on 30 October with Lucky Oceans and David Milroy.

Performing Arts WA Awards.

Congratulations to the many artists nominated for their work on Mary Stuart and thank you PAWA for these nomination

FTC came away with an outstanding EIGHT nomination in total across two shows - Mary Stuart and Last Train To Fremantle. The nominations include recognition for:

Performing Lines in association with Fremantle Theatre Company for the Perth Festival, Mary Stuart

Kate Walsh, Mary Stuart

Michael Abercromby, Last Train To Fremantle


Kazimir Sas, Last Train To Fremantle

Rachael Dease, Mary Stuart

Bruce McKinven & Amalia Lambert, Mary Stuart

Bruce McKinven & Amalia Lambert, Mary Stuart

Mel Cantwell, Mary Stuart


An incredible effort from all involved in these wonderful shows - which together show FTC's commitment to delivering in the simplest and the grandest venues, alike. At all times, determined to produce for all West Australian audiences, whoever and wherever you might be.

A massive thank you to Iain Grandage and team at the Perth Festival, for his deft touch and their invitation to share in such a grand vision for the Festival and WA.

And a loud applause to Jeremy Smith and his superb team at Performing Lines for delivering the exact brand of excellence in production that you expect from this WA group within the National outfit of absolute guns! Wonderful to work with you and see this many local artists storm the biggest stage in the State - what a result!

Lastly, thank you to our incredible Board and to all of you - our divine audience! - who make it all worthwhile, and for whom all of this toil is devoted. Your coming to see shows, and supporting us with your actions, is literally the only thing that makes real art possible in the country. We are always grateful.


Winner Winner

Fremantle Theatre Company is pleased to announce that the company won the Excellence in Creative Industries section of the Fremantle Business Awards 2022 presented by the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce on the 15th of September.

The Board would like to thank all our supporters, our audience, our fabulous casts, and crews for their contribution to this success.  And a big thank you to the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce for this acknowledgment.


We look forward to bringing you more excellent work in the coming years, starting with Shakespeare in the Park, and Twelfth Night in December/January.

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Our Space

Fremantle Theatre Company is now at home in Freo's own Victoria Hall on High Street . We can now open our doors to our new audience and begin to offer professional arts training from the city centre, for all.


Each of our courses are truly invigorated by the old bones and inviting space of this grand theatre.

The continued residency will allow the company to properly support the development of works with new voices along side the work of more established artists.

The space will make exploration into dance, theatre, music and film far more readily available to the local community and offer a truly sustainable practice for artist keen to work from their own shores, here in WA.

Boasting a newly outfitted Education Space and Rehearsal Room, our Downstairs Ready Room, the Victoria Stage and Hall, as well as company office spaces, the venue will act as an incubator to all of the works that we hope to bring to Fremantle. 

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