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Juliana is a successful neurologist whose life seems to be coming unhinged.

Piece by piece, a mystery unfolds as fact blurs with fiction, past collides with present, and the elusive truth about Juliana boils to the surface.

'“A cagy, emotionally resonant drama packed with plot twists!..Brings to mind critical and audience favourites like Proof and Wit. ”  -  The New York Times

'Sharr White knows how to hook an audience. The drama unfolds like a puzzle… the action pulsing nonstop… The emotional wallop it delivers is almost shocking.'  -  Daily News


A performance production and education company, committed to the artist, right in the heart of Freo.

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Our Space

Fremantle Theatre Company is now at home in Freo's own Victoria Hall on High Street . We can now open our doors to our new audience and begin to offer professional arts training from the city centre, for all.


Each of our courses are truly invigorated by the old bones and inviting space of this grand theatre.

The continued residency will allow the company to properly support the development of works with new voices along side the work of more established artists.

The space will make exploration into dance, theatre, music and film far more readily available to the local community and offer a truly sustainable practice for artist keen to work from their own shores, here in WA.

Boasting a newly outfitted Education Space and Rehearsal Room, our Downstairs Ready Room, the Victoria Stage and Hall, as well as company office spaces, the venue will act as an incubator to all of the works that we hope to bring to Fremantle.